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Save my Life


I intentionally overdosed on Heroin in the Handicap stall of the Ladies’ room in Oglivie Transportation Center. And it worked. I was found with no pulse and not breathing. For MONTHS I resented the fact that I was brought back. I laid awake every night sobbing, abusing every drug I could get my hands on, and even attempted suicide two more times but to no avail.

Since then I met the love of my life, and she makes me want to stay sober. I want to remember every moment I spend with her. She proposed to me a bit over a month ago and I want to live as long as possible so that I can grow old with her. On our first date we went to a protest, and got cold so entered the first building we saw. It was Ogilvie. We ate Panda Express and had our first kiss there. I didn’t even realize it at the time but she gave me life in the building where I had almost successfully taken my life. Yesterday we went back there and I showed her exactly where I died. I am almost 5 months clean now and am so fucking happy that I was given another chance at life.

The road leading here was rocky, but I’m grateful for every bump along the way because this was the road that lead me to her. That’s not to say the road isn’t still bumpy, but we have each other to ride it out with. We’ve had some devastating financial hardships recently and are homeless. But home is where the heart is. Home is holding hands and laughing at our situation from a bus stop bench. Home is cuddling up in an alley to stay warm in 0° weather. It’s kind of funny that now I want to live, and I have to worry about surviving. This is a new feeling. It’s stressful, but I’m happy. The only tears I’ve been crying lately are happy ones.

Edit: I’m not depending my life and sobriety on one other person, I was already on medication, sober, in therapy and on the right track when I met her. She just makes me extra grateful for life because I didn’t think love would ever be an option for me and she supports me and my healthy goals.

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