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Rin Speaks In English! – Anime


Look, there’s a lot of man service, this is undeniable. Most of that is comedy, however and generally starts to fade as the show wades into more serious waters (heh).

You know how KyoAni generally does high school students growing and learning very well? Coming of age stories, basically. That’s what Free is, and I found it to be very well done!

if you like it you should check out the show, kiniro mosaic, season 2 is currently airing, the first couple episodes are pretty heavy on the engrish but it calms down after that,

if you are interested make sure you at least watch till episode 3 when the last of the main girls joins, karen who is half english half japanese, if it seems too cute and focuses on blonde hair too much you can skip to season 2 “hello kiniro mosaic” which i am liking much more.

I always thought the biggest problem with trying to strike it big with the West was Funimations huge cut for localization? I’ve heard that before anyway. It makes creating an anime for the US or other countries fiscally unrealistic, unless they’re something like Pokemon of course, but even that is done by 4Kids and not Funimation.

I find that part of this clip very fascinating actually. I have no problem with the Japanese lines, but somehow with the English lines it becomes extremely noticeable that the lips don’t move.

I guess it’s that even though I can’t consciously, subconsciously I can lip read in English to some extent. So with the English my brain notices that the lips aren’t moving the way they should. Whereas my Japanese is nowhere near good enough to lip read so my brain doesn’t notice the lips aren’t moving properly.

I guess Japanese are subconsciously “trained” to be able to ignore lip syncing when watching anime, as all Japanese anime doesn’t care much about syncing. They have learned that it is the anime’s way from childhood. It’s enough that lips symbolically represent someone is speaking.

Conversely if precise lip sync would be done the audience might feel rather strange.

Now you know what it’s like for American companies like Funimation. they are pretty strict about lip syncing mouth flaps, and for this very reason. It’s really noticeable in your native language to see when something is off sync, so they have to go with the best translation they can of lines that also match mouth flaps.

It’s like, which would you want, strict translations that don’t sync up with the video, or more loose and natural sounding translations that match flaps. Either way, people will complain.

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