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Ricky Gervais is donating his wealth to animal charities and owning people at the same time.


This title made me think he was donating money to support human trafficking.

It’s strange how people judge another’s charity as not truthful or pure…

Shouldn’t the act of giving just be that?


Yes, I assumed he was helping out the animal charities (which is good), but also supporting slavery (which is much less good).

If you eat meat three time a day you should maybe rethink your diet … not because I love animals but because that sounds rather unhealthy.

didn’t realize there had to be qualifiers on donating to charities now. that seems like a good way to get people into the giving spirit.

Projection. There’s no way they’d ever give anyone anything with no strings attached. The only charity they’d be involved with is one they can rob, like Eric Trump stealing all the money from his children’s cancer charity. Therefore, in their minds, every charity is a scam. Who would be stupid enough to just give money away?

So you’re telling me I shouldn’t have chunks of steak in my cereal?!

it’s pretty fucked up how so many vegans feel the need to attack people on their own side as not pure enough.

I needed that explanation. And I agree, much less good.

Same reason people like that believe anyone who is socialist just wants to be lazy and get free stuff. They can’t possibly imagine being alturistic so they assume nobody else is.


Honestly I dont even see how eating meat while donating to animal charities would be a problem, ofc if you give to pro-veg charities that aim to end ranching then yes itd be hypocritical.

But donating to save endangered aninals while eating chicken? I consider those two distinct things.

CT Fletcher says he eats a plant based diet because calling yourself vegan brings a lot of toxic people.

Steak-O’s. Start your day with MAXIMUM BROTEIN. Brought to you by the makers of Brawndo.

80% of Amazonian deforestation that is killing off endangered species is to make space for cows.

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Reply: A.C McGurk, @ACMcGurk

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it’s strange you love animals but eat them 3 times a day? #govegan

Reply: Ricky Gervais, @rickygervais

It’s strange how I don’t eat meat but you think I do. #gofuckyourself

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Yes, a little.

Bacon & eggs for breakfast, ham salad for lunch, steak for dinner. Still sound unhealthy?

I think their logic goes like this:

Celebrity does nice thing. I don’t want do do nice thing myself because reasons. Celebrity also does not-nice thing, probably. That means Celebrity isn’t a good person after all, right? Therefore, I’m justified in not doing nice thing.
Bacon and eggs is healthier than some unsweetened oatmeal? TIL

Corn to feed to cows to feed to people.

I glossed over this comment at first, but then I just realized why it was a poorly worded title.

That’s more healthy than eating garbage carbs and sugar 3 times a day.

Good human. The best human.

Yes. Well observed.

Much easier to imagine others are as miserable as you than to better yourself.

unsweetened oatmeal

I mean, I’d rather eat a bullet for breakfast.


Bacon and eggs are far healthier than 16 Reese’s Cups, 40 ounces of malt liquor, and 1 injection of the bubonic plague, therefore bacon and eggs are part of a Balanced Breakfast ™.

Nutrition in general is like a new age religion. People are out there eating only organic or paleo or gluten-free or whatever out of a vague and often misguided notion that it’s what they “should” do, and being really preachy about it. (Yes, I realize there are legit specialized diets for medical issues)

What if I told you, there were other options?

No shit. You can say that about pretty much anything.

Why is cereal the metric for how healthy something is?

He’s been plant based for a quite a few years. I believe it started due to a recommendation from his doctor because he was pretty unhealthy.

“Im a vegetarian not because I love animals but because I hate plants so much.”

Seriously? Bacon and eggs for breakfast is far healthier than a bowl of cereal.

Ricky came to my city for a comedy show earlier this year and donated $10,000 of the sales to PAWS to help the animals. What a good guy.

Veganism is a political movement, and saying “eat whatever you feel like” is unacceptable for the same logic an abolitionist would not accept “well just don’t own slaves”. The reason many vegans end up preaching ancillary arguments like health and environment is because, well, people care more about the benefits to themselves than some abstract morality. This is similar to how suffragettes benefited more from practical pressure deriving from the manpower shortages of WW1 giving them more economic power than they did “equality”: they think that by winning these more selfish arguments they can convert more people. And they’re right, to a large extent.

Conversely, it’s very easy to say “this should be a private matter” when you’re supporting the status quo.

Much less.

That guy’s not a vegan, he’s a concern troll.

I’m totally fine with charity being an exchange.

“Hey homeless guy, I’ll give you some food and a warm jacket. No it isn’t charity, in exchange, you’re giving me a warm fuzzy feeling like I did something good.”

Or “You’re helping me get closer to god” or “I’m doing this for my community service hours” or whatever. But I’m totally fine with charity being a self-serving activity, cause it’s still charity.

It’s strange how people equate being vegan or vegetarian as being on some sort of higher plane.

There’s nothing healthy about fried bacon.

Actually, as soon as you mention that you’re vegan, no matter the context, people assume that you think you’re better than everyone else.

Yes, this guy is an asshole, no, not all vegans are. MOST vegans aren’t like that.

I’ve never met a vegan thats been like that. I’ve tried to go vegan and every interaction I’ve had with vegans was them (obviously) supporting me and encouraging. They also understand how hard it is and appreciate my efforts. I’m back to eating meat now though 🙁 got rid of milk, which i find a step forward considering how much I used to drink.

To be fair, it brings a lot of toxic people who make assumptions about veganism

It’s what milk craves

Cutting shitty carbs can be. Good carbs are always good.

I don’t know about “owning people”

Every day? Yeah sounds unhealthy

It’s a typical British diet – bacon in the morning, ham sandwich for lunch, and meat and two veg for dinner.

i heard it gives you super powers

I have a feeling that vegan concern trolls are a lot rarer than some meat-eaters would like them to be.

I think you’re generalizing a bit too much. I can’t eat chicken or turkey 3x a day? The fuck?

I can understand red meat, but you didn’t say that.

Literally yes. All oatmeal is cereal, but not all cereal is oatmeal

Some folks, philosophically speaking, think true altruism doesn’t exist for the reasons you stated. That is, whenever someone does something good for seemingly no return, the actual return is morality points/personal satisfaction. I’m not one of them but it’s an interesting point of view.

Thats a pretty typical diet for america as well.

i’m like that with relationships. i assumed everyone is using each other and just a douche bag, no such thing as real love etc. now i’ve accepted that i’m the one who’s like that, and i still just avoid relationships in order to not inflict myself on another human.

Oh shit. Didn’t realize hashtag make everything giant in Antenna browser.

Did you just assume my diet?

A lot of these comments are acting like the meat is all you would eat too. If I say I have chicken for lunch doesn’t mean that’s all I had. Might be a chicken wrap, chicken salad, grilled chicken breast with a side of veggies, etc.

People in here acting cray cray thinking you can’t eat meat 3x a day and be healthy at the same time.

I’d say about 99% of vegans/vegetarians used to eat meat. I ate meat for 20 years before I switched, does that make me less of a vegan? No.

You only give to a gatekeeping charity, if you’re made of gates.

This is seriously misinformed

Edit: Foods high and fat and cholesterol are a recipe for heart attack. To everyone saying that dietary cholesterol doesn’t raise blood cholesterol, I am aware of that study. It is very flawed. All participants already had severly bad cholesterol levels, so it is no surprise that a little more didn’t hurt. Look it up.

High sugar cereal isnt too much better, but there are plenty of low sugar options.

Keto is great for some people, but for the majority of the population the side effects (keto flu, kidney stones), the nature of the diet makes it an unsustainable fad diet.

If it works for you great, but it’s not a panacea.

Edit From the Harvard Health Blog: it is hard to follow and it can be heavy on red meat and other fatty, processed, and salty foods …


Not really. Your body needs complete proteins which is difficult to achieve with a plant based diet.

It’s really not that hard. I hit 100g of protein per day without issue. You really just have to make sure you have a protein component with your meals.

Breakfast cereal can be something as simple as a bowl of muesli with fresh fruit in it.

Yeah, its soy. But point is the same anyway.

If done in a way that isn’t condescending like this I think this can be an effective way of getting people to reevaluate their choices. At least for me personally, realizing that my dietary choices were out of sync with my professed beliefs on preserving the environment and respect for animals was a big motivator for change.

Guess the real take away is many people are just toxic

Some people are lazy with their diet and eat a lot of carbs. I mean, Oreos are vegan.

Personally, I lost about 30 lbs because I’ve never liked a lot of carbs anyway.

I feel like that was obvious and people just need to nitpick

This whole discussion is a circle jerk because it all depends on what you’re eating specifically. You can’t generally say meat is good or bad, nor can you say any vegan diet is healthier than some meat eater diets. A grilled chicken breast is way healthier than a bowl of vegan granola cereal, but that doesn’t prove one side is right or wrong.

And negative comments about Vegans is exactly what he was hoping for when he made that tweet.

Yeah Reddit is pretty anti-vegan so they actively seeking out the annoying crazies to post for karma. The majority aren’t like that

The world isn’t black and white, it’s good to remain cynical.

However, it’s pretty important to check your facts before making wild accusations.

Cows or corn?

I think you’re getting a fair bit of hate here because your comment sounds quite condescending as well as misinformed. If you research the topic a bit you’ll find that there are healthy diets that focus mainly on meat.

Right? His reply is essentially “no I don’t”

But what if he only enslaves meat eaters, and forces them onto a vegetarian diet?

I actually rarely ever see this happening in the vegan community

Even if they donate to charity just to look good, at least they’re donating to charity.

You should look at /sub/keto. Cutting carbs can do a lot of good. Although oatmeal is on the healthy end of the breakfast spectrum.

same difference really. corn/soy to feed the cows if not the cows grazing land

Ricky Gervais is a savage animal. Love that geezer.

Yeah. Processed meat. I don’t think steak & fish fall under that.

Like eating stickers?

Very fewer

Do you have a good source for this? I completely believe you, it’s just the first I’ve heard of it so I want to get educated. The more I know, the better I can be to the earth!

I disagree. I think altruism is smaller than charity, though, and unconscious.

Example: You’re on your phone, going into a door and you notice someone behind you causing you to hold the door for them as you read the replies to your dumb reddit comment.

Example: you’re just walking, minding your own business, someone drops something and you pick it up and hand it back with hardly a break in your stride.

These are all acts of kindness i literally see every day that are not planned out, self-congratulatory actions. They just happen. And maybe you don’t do it every time, but occasional altruism is still altruism. We don’t have to be good all the damn time to be good people. We don’t have to bend over backward for everyone to be kind. Just be a dick less often than you’re awesome. Most people are.

Veganism is an ethical position, not a diet. It sounds like your friends are pushing a plant based diet for health reasons, and you are correct that this makes them hypocrites for also smoking cigarettes. But it is not hypocritical to be an ethical vegan and still smoke cigarettes (well, there’s debate over whether or not cigarettes are actually vegan, but in any case that’s not really the point).

nah i’m really not. just cause i realize i’m an absolute shit, doesn’t make me not one, or a good partner. i’m still very selfish, very narcissistic and angry/bitter as a person. i just realize it, but i’ve yet to actually change, which is a much harder thing to do than just to realize it.

other life problems also get in the way of putting enough time and energy into changing as a person right now.

I have noticed that trend of people preaching their diet was better than others. A classmate of mine swore that eating nothing but fruits was the way to go and was adamant that me eating meat is a sure way to end up dead from cancer. I don’t understand why people need to feel like they have to be part of a movement. Just eat whatever you feel like eating and leave me alone.

Because cereal is awesome but it doesn’t love you back.

indeed, i saw his interview on joe rogan’s podcast.

i certainly can’t disagree with him.

It really depends how you define animal cruelty. Some people would consider killing the cow to eat it cruel.

Now that’s thinking outside the box. Or cage, in this case.

Burning may have been better, but then it sounds like he was cooking humans. Sorry, you can’t win.

Err, no it isn’t.

gofuckyourself. I love Ricky. We need another standup special!!!
It’s strange how this picture has been circulating for months, if not years.

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