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Porsche vs Mustang


Everytime this video gets posted a get slightly infuriated because i get no context on the whole yelling like a retard

The Mustang owner, bragged his car was better and faster than his brother’s porsche and was therefore its Nemesis. The yelling is just his brother being silly and dramatic for the recording he was gonna show him later. The Mustang losing control was the realisation of the older brothers wildest dreams. Not only did the Mustang lose to the Porsche, it lost to itself. Hence the laughter.

If I remember correctly, the guy in the Porsche had posted this video on a board way back, and explained that the guy in the Mustang was his younger brother, who talked a lot of shit about how his stang was faster on the track. Older porsche bro is a seasoned track day driver and they challenged each other.

I love the little pause of concern for his brother spinning out, and then he just loses his shit as he relishes his sweet victory and his brother’s humiliation. Every time this gets posted Mustang bro dies a little more inside.

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