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Pitbull Who Stopped Mother From Drowning Her Son Will Not Be Put Down


A pit bull who confronted put down even though he was believed to have rescued a nine-year-old boy from drowning, was spared after a request went viral.

The dog, named Buddy, is believed to have dragged the kid from the Murray River in Australia, where his mother was supposedly trying to drown him. His five-year-old brother was found dead over the weekend.

During the melee, the pet is supposed to have bitten the eldest boy who was treated for dog bites at a children’s hospital. As a result, he was captured by rangers.

But after an online petition started by his owners received more than 50,000 signatures, authorities have ordered the dog to be returned home.

I want to tell everyone that our boyfriend is coming home he has a couple of things to get into place before he happens, but the most important thing is he’s coming back,” said the dog’s owner Jess Smith, in a statement on the online petition.

“Murray River Council interim general manager Margot Stork said it was “probable that the dog was acting in reasonable defence of the nine-year-old boy that was then hospitalised.”

She added: “The New South Wales Police have advised council that they will not be seeking an order to destroy this animal. Our Rangers are passionate about animal welfare, and we’ll always work with residents to ensure their pets are enrolled, micro-chipped, and supply any advice or assistance.”

Ms Stork added that the puppy has since been chipped and that his owner will operate on correctly registering it.

The dog intervened as a 27-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly drowned the five-year-old and trying to also kill the nine-year-old from the Murray River at Moama, on the New South Wales-Victoria border, late last week.

The youngest boy’s body has been found dead over the weekend.

”More than 50,000 people added their name to the online campaign to save Buddy”

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