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Only Adult Left In Trump Administration Named ‘Mad Dog’


I am not a historian, but it actually kind of was. The American Revolution followed The Seven Years War, a war many historians consider to be the first world war (the first sentence in the wikipedia article on the seven years war is literally “The Seven Years War was a global conflict”.

. Americans call it the French and Indian War, and the chain of events that eventually caused the American Revolution has roots there. But the Revolution itself was really a front in the larger feud between the French and the British, to such a degree that the French paid for 90% of the shot and gunpowder the Americans used..

The Spanish actually allied with the French to provide us arms and ammunitions

(but didn’t ally with the Americans because they didn’t want to encourage revolutionaries in general), the dutch were involved, there was fighting in India . . . it was all over the place.

So, while Americans definitely don’t like to think of ourselves as a sideshow, we definitely were. Just a single front in a global war against British Imperialism.

He is nicknamed “The Warrior Monk” because of his bachelor life and lifelong devotion to the study of war. Mattis is noted for his intellectualism and interest in the study of military history and world history, with a personal library that once included over 7,000 volumes, and a penchant for publishing required reading lists for Marines under his command.

You do realize a coup is fucking terrible right? We currently have a government in place that has survived and evolved since we were 13 colonies throwing tea in a fucking bay.

We’ve fought through a revolution, slavery, civil war, two world wars, depressions, segregation, a cold war that threatened the entire world with nuclear winter, countless proxy wars some good some bad, the fucking moon.

We have a country thats land mass and diversity astounds me every day. You can live in solitude in climates ranging from the desert, forest, or 9 months of snow. Or cities mixed with some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet. All because of THIS government.

Trump isn’t the end all be all. At best he gets impeached, I’m of the mind hell get another 3 years of being a “superstar”. At worst 7 years left.

Trump represents the presidency, and the will of the people according to the how the electoral college is set up. That’s it. We also have the entire Senate, house of republicans, supreme court, and countless other branches and stations that make this thing fucking work, not to mention the state level governments that are in place.

A coup wouldn’t just stop with Trump. It would change what the basic fabric of being American is and upset the system that has brought you women voting, gay marriage, and desegregation just to name a few.

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