Keto Waffles

These waffles are amazing and so indulgent! I make them all the time.


-1 cup almond flour -1.5 tsp baking powder -.25 tsp arrowroot flour or other binder -.25 tsp salt -3 eggs -2 tbsp vegetable oil -.25 cup almond milk

  1. In large bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, salt and arrowroot starch.

  2. Stir in oil and eggs.

  3. Mix until blended.

  4. Slowly add almond milk until desired batter thickness is achieved. If your batter ends up too thin, add in more almond flour to get it thicker.

  5. Pour into waffle maker to cook.

  6. Top waffles with sugar free syrup and sugar free whipped cream, if desired.

Makes 3-4 waffles total depending on waffle maker. I divide it that into two servings.

Per serving: 547 calories, 20g protein, 49g fat, 8g net carbs (14g total)

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