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First F3 race at Red Bull


Vettel was more at risk there in a way because if that tire he dodged had hit him it might have outright killed him or knocked him unconscious and had him plow into a wall like Massa did.4

If you have access to Amazon prime, BBC racing collections has a wonderful one episode documentary about the early days of GP racing when lots and lots of people died. It really drives home the point of how crucial safety is to Motorsport. All the gods bless Jackie Stewart. Drivers used to not wear safety harnesses because it was safer to be thrown from the car rather than risk burning to death. Grand Prix racing has changed a lot. Especially after Imola 1994. Dr Sid Watkins changed the safety game after that weekend, to very great effect.

The safety measures on Kubica’s car worked. I didn’t think he was killed watching live but expected him to be unconscious from the initial whack.

Following transfer to a local hospital, Carlin drivers Peter Zhi Cong Li and Ryan Tveter have received further medical assessment after a serous incident during Race 1 of Round 4 of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship in Spielberg today.

Having been taken to hospital by ambulance, Ryan has been discharged with heavy bruising to his knee.

Following initial assessment at the medical centre, Peter was transferred to a University hospital by helicopter. Peter is undergoing treatment for multiple broken bones in his heel, which will require surgery in the near future. Peter has also been diagnosed with four fractured vertebrae which do not require surgery. While suffering with other bruising and small injuries, Peter is alert and speaking with team personnel.

Everyone saying that the drivers are fine just don’t know. We only heard that Li was awake and alert, nothing more. He could have a few broken vertebra or internal injuries, there’s no report that he’s uninjured at this point.

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