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Brands Hatch BSB 2011 Final Race


I wish I remember the year and course – but there was a GP race ~7-8 years back that the whole thing was just edge of the seat metal. 3 and 4 wide into turns at many points during the race.

There used to be a video online of the 125cc round at Valencia in 2001 commentated on by Toby Moody and Julian Ryder that saw them 4 wide going into the last corner, before the guy behind them all slipstreamed them and won. The commentary made it unforgettable.

“YOUICHI UI!!!!”, as the little Japanese rider divebombs them all into the last turn. Amazing.

I love motorcycles and motor sports in general but I never been into watching it that much but my god, that last lap got my heart pumping.

BSB you need to find a stream, nobody in the US (that I’m aware of) broadcasts it live. MotoGP and F1 are on Fox Sports 1 I believe, or if you’re lucky enough to get BT Sport or Sky they’re available that way as well. WSBK is another crap shoot, mostly you have to figure out where the European TV streams are or wait until they’re available by… other means.

If you’re dedicated to it, WSBK and MotoGP both offer official VideoPass subscriptions that let you watch everything live as well as all the races they have in the archives.

Is that just brands hatch, or their setups that are making the bike’s look so unhinged. the thing that sold me about the video was just how raw and unsettled they were getting. like watching an F1 race from the 80’s more power than tire.

Wish the American could’ve won tho. J Hop was a young kid with a lot of potential who messed it up with poor decisions and then faced a lot of injuries after he got his shit together. Winning this championship would have been a nice redemption.

I wish I pooped first thing in the morning. It’s usually 4-5 hours after breakfast or IMMEDIATELY after taking a shower.

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