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Against the Odds: Phonics


The issue with mountain (and Titan) is that he isn’t just softly pronouncing the “t” – rather he’s saying mow’en – the apostrophe being a glottal stop. He’s making that sound with the back of his mouth.

I’ve go ahead and throw Randy Buelher into that list. His coverage may not have been spectacular, but the joy that man derives from Magic is incredible.

Such a good sport for putting this up. And god I hope he doesn’t get any better, because it’s the mispronunciations that add so much charm to the videos.

Promising to get better at pronunciation just as the Block made up of Indian-derived names comes up, soon to be followed up by a block of what will likely be full of egyptian and probably arabic names? Seth, Probably better known as Saffronolive, has a lot more guts than I do, that’s for sure.

The way he says “evolving” and “mountain” sound fine to me. I assume for mountain he is referring to dropping the t (“moun’ain”) which is fairly common for most people when speaking quickly. I honestly don’t hear anything wrong with the way he says “evolving”.

Most people, when slurring mountain, put their tongue in the n position and just keep it there for the t and final n, only really skipping the final vowel which gives the “t” its percussive sound.

The difference may seem minor or inconsequential to most, but I notice it every time and any deck that involves Sun Titan I can’t get further than a couple of minutes in.

I think what he’s going for is that the audio clip he pulls from Merriam Webster’s site pronounces the first letter more as “ih” whereas he pronounces it more as “ee” …but he also pasted in the written pronunciation guide that states both are correct? I don’t know, it confuses me too.

I tend not to post much but I want to try and make sure Seth sees this. Seth you are without a doubt one of the best content producers MTG has to offer right now. I can’t watch one of your videos without having a huge smile on my face because the sheer joy I can hear in your voice just from playing the game is infectious. You leave all the cynicism and negativity that much of the community suffers from at times in the dust, and it reflects really well on you, and what the game can offer on the whole. Thank you for everything you’ve done so far, and don’t change a thing. Even your pronunciations. P.S. Try to make some time to make it to one of those LRR prereleases! I know you’re busy and it’s probably hard for you to do so but I and the rest of the community have been clamoring for it!

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